Friday, June 9, 2017

Exceptionalism in the 80s

Ronald Reagan was an exceptional President. In his time period, America was recognized all over the globe for its exceptionalism. According to this website, Central to the hope and faith in the American people was Reagan’s belief in American exceptionalism. Reagan preached the concept of national vocabulary when the nation’s political, educational, and cultural elites had lost sight of it. American pride and patriotism was strong in this era because of the booming economy and our powerful and positive global influence.

Our diplomatic relations were also at our peak while our main adversary, the Soviet Union, was beginning to collapse and recognize democracy as a new hope. In the era of Reagan, American culture was strong and at its finest. Hollywood and the music industry were exceptionally American and the rest of the world was heavily influenced by our powerful culture. All around the globe people recognized the exceptionalism of the United States.

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