Friday, March 31, 2017


Welcome to my new Blog!

National Blog will be about how we witness American Exceptionalism throughout history.

Although i'm starting late, that doesn`t mean that I won`t cover a large variety of examples and scenarios. This blog will be jam packed with loads of content that I can`t wait to share with everyone. In our upcoming topics, you will get to see my passion for America`s greatness and its impact on recent history.

To get us started, I researched this link.

In this article, we learn what kind of ideology American Exceptionalism is. Exceptionalism isn't the idea that the US is simply just unique, it is the belief that the United States follows a path throughout history that is exceptionally different from the rules and customs of other countries. I agree with Ian Tyrrell on this topic because of the obvious reason that our countries history is genuinely special. No where else in the history of the world have we seen a rebellion unite throughout numerous colonies to defeat tyranny, then proceed to build the most powerful nation on the face of the planet.

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